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First Community Trends Post

21 Jul 2011 Parramatta 0 Comment

Parramatta has a changing demographic profile from a suburban community with an employment
centre, to a diverse, urban location with a large employment, residential and education base at its
heart. The population, particularly around Parramatta CBD, is developing a much more “urban” feel, with
young adults and students dominating.

At present the Housing, business and commercial development continues to flourish across Parramatta and surrounding suburbs. As the population matures, there is renewed interest in the arts, leisure and recreational facilities. The changing demographic will be a focus for the future.

These changing demographics are also impacting housing development. The limited availability of land in the area has seen residents and developers demolish existing homes and rebuild brand new dwellings in the area. As buildings age, new development will revitalise the City and attracting prospective buyers and sellers.



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